Dane Koosmen

Dane brings a vibrant and warm personality to SixtyFour Property. He has a strong ability to
genuinely connect with everyone he engages with and does so with a professional yet down to earth

With 10 years of experience in sales, building and development, Dane has previously managed his
own real estate agency and through this he brings an abundance of knowledge resulting from his
hard work, dedication, and persistence.

His deep understanding of property and his powerful negotiating skills are highly commended.
A positive and friendly approach is Dane’s true character, and this is evident throughout his
reputation that he has built with both sellers and buyers within the property sector. He has
impressively found an incredible balance of professionalism and genuine care and his fair and
respectful nature is highly applauded by many.

Dane’s genuine approach has seen him soar and he prides himself in creating close friendships along
the way built of integrity and trust. He has created a strong following and has many clients who deal
with him time and time again.

Dane has a consistent and committed work ethic and will go the extra mile in every scenario which is
why is a highly respected Agent within SixtyFour Property.