Dean Schiavo

A son of an Italian immigrant I grew up in New Farm and lived there all my life until I
married. I have seen New Farm and its surrounding suburbs grow and develop
significantly and have investments with my wife in these areas as well. I have 2 grown
up children both have properties of their own since they were 18 and 21. I also have
sporting interests including soccer and have managed teams with Brisbane City Football
club for many years and enjoy the social aspects of this as well as have a passion for
the game as well.

I have been self employed for 35 yrs and have bought and sold many homes during this
time and investment properties. My experience with real estate is diverse and my
knowledge of the market and also financial markets is also profound as we have a family
Finance business as well.

What sets me apart from others is my ability to communicate with all and my personal
skills which include my authenticity and transparency. My experience with property
allows me to offer many seller and buyers a diversity than many others cannot provide.
My sincerity and tactfulness allows my clients to achieve positive results without
unnecessary pressure and with the assurance that they are fully informed with full

Buying property is not to be taken lightly and can be life changing for many people so I
ensure they are given correct advise and understand the transaction completely. My
honesty and integrity are key to my success to date and this has allowed my business to
grow by offering all clients – buyers, sellers and those needing finance which our
company can also assist with offers a unique business proposition tailored to their
individual needs.