Hamish Brewis Foulger

Taking on the role as sales associate to Ranal Charan, Hamish brings a positive and high-energy approach to all his work. His down to earth and professional nature allows him to build rapport with clients.

Hamish’s background in financial planning and accounting allows for a deep understanding into the background of buying and selling property. With previous experience dealing with high-end clients and asset management he brings a diverse foundation of knowledge to the table.

Client satisfaction, delivering results and attention to detail are the roots of what Hamish stands for. Hamish’s understanding of the Brisbane marketplace makes him an asset to SixtyFour property whilst striving for the best results.

Hamish is one of five growing up being a triplet and having a twin brother, sister he knows the importance of having responsibilities. Captain and coach of numerous different sports Hamish also knows the value of how to direct and manage a team.