Ivo Kornel

As Director of SixtyFour Property, Ivo is both diligent in his field and admirably dedicated to his profession. His bold, creative and genuine approach along with his market knowledge and 15 years of real estate experience is what makes him a highly regarded leader right across the Brisbane property market. 

He very quickly climbed the property ladder and has been a highly regarded Elite performer for over 16 years now. His main area of expertise is residential sales in the inner-city Brisbane market. 

Ivo is well known for his creative sales approach and innovative ability to zig when others zag, always thinking outside of the box. This approach has seen him soar within the industry which is evident in his successful work with some of Brisbane’s greatest high-end residences. 

Aside from real estate, Ivo is also a dedicated father to his two beautiful boys and twin girls which he describes as ‘his best job yet’. He understands and appreciates the importance of family and balance which is why he can connect so incredibly with his clients and understand their situation on a deep and genuine level. Ivo shows great passion in everything that he does which is evident throughout both his personal and professional life. 

Ivo proudly grew up in Poland before moving to Brisbane as a young chap. Prior to real estate, Ivo served his Country in the armed forces from 1999 to 2003 and also rode a push bike around Australia for 12 months educating teenagers about mental health. He has also spent time working and living in a remote aboriginal community, became a qualified deck hand and a qualified life coach. 

Ivo has travelled the globe and often takes the road less travelled. He loves to give back and this is why he does what he does – with great passion and dedication. 

Enjoy the experience of a different real estate approach. 

Bold. Loyal. Grounded. 

SixtyFour Property