Jeff Jordan

What is it that sets your property apart? When selling, it is about creating a story for every listing specific to the client I am working with. This helps a buyer see beyond the walls and windows and imagine a bright and wonderful future.

When showing the property, we are not just presenting the facts, we are not just showing a house; we are telling a tale. A good story can transform a patio into “the outdoor alfresco dining area that is perfect for gathering family and friends together on the weekend”.

At the start of the process, I ask myself “how can I make it your own?”. And when we work together, we will unearth the tale that you want to tell. Jointly, we will build a connection for the buyer to the property and discover what the property’s best assets are and what those assets can be used for.

Can we use the rich history of the neighbourhood or even the house itself? Was it designed by an architect of note, or does it have family history? It is the attention to the finer details, the ability to impart the feeling and not only the facts. It is this journey and this process that I truly enjoy the most when working with my clients.

Together, let us tell your story.