Kasey Lofthouse

As a dedicated Real Estate Agent within SixtyFour Property, Kasey is a lively, genuine and down to
earth character, one that is full of enthusiasm and optimism. She is able to connect well with
everyone that she meets, both personally and professionally, and this is evident throughout her
work with meeting and nurturing clients in her real estate career.

Kasey’s main area of expertise is as an executive assistant to her mum, Kelly Lofthouse. Together,
they represent some of Brisbane’s most loved and finest properties.

Kasey has been surrounded by property throughout her whole life and has had broad experiences
during her upbringing throughout traveling the globe consistently from a very young age. These
opportunities have allowed Kasey to grow and to learn at a much faster pace than many and these
skills are reflected tremendously throughout her work.

Kasey grew up on the coast of New Zealand where her parents renovated and sold lots of property.

Kasey also lived overseas in the Islands and travelled throughout South-East Asia from a young age.
She was exposed to different cultures, ways of living, and different types of people, which has
helped Kasey in being able to understand people on a much deeper level. These skills have seen her
soar in Real Estate as she has a wonderful ability to accept all people circumstances.

From being highly involved in competitive team and solo sports, she has learned that discipline and
hard work pays off. ‘In order to get results, you must work harder than those who are just

A career in Real Estate was always something Kasey knew she would pursue as she saw so much
potential in the property industry and felt a strong love and calling towards the career. Kasey is
extremely driven, disciplined, motivated, and most importantly passionate.

Proudly following in her Mum’s footsteps, Kasey takes a bold approach with every aspect of her life
and will ensure that your experience is built from firm foundations of loyalty, professionalism, and