Olivia Plimmer-Wilson

Taking on the role as 2 IC, Olivia is the right-hand woman to Director, Ivo Kornel, and oversees all things SixtyFour Property. From contracts, social media and marketing to operations and office management, Liv is highly skilled right across the board.

Her introductory to the property industry began as an Account Manager within the residential insurance sector. She then began working closely with Agents across Australia and clients alike; from first-home buyers to investors & everyone in between, Liv has gained a wealth of knowledge for both the buying and selling side of property. Her foundations of insurance and legal understandings combined with her diverse experience with real estate clients ensures she brings a well rounded approach to the table.

With humble beginnings, Liv also brings a strong-sense of empathy and genuine care to her work and an unparalleled ambition and work-ethic. Having grown up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane before moving to the city when she was 17, Liv has been exposed to all different suburbs, lifestyles and socio-economic dynamics, making her a compassionate and valuable asset to the team.

Always smiling, energetic and friendly to everyone she meets, Olivia is an asset to Ivo Kornel’s direct team. Please contact Liv anytime regarding your real estate plans.