Build your water views dream sanctuary at No. 1 ‘Magic Margate’ Queensland or land bank it knowing you’re financially ‘set for life’ during the unprecedented uncertainties. With an option for ‘dual’ living, you can’t go past this property.

Local street insight – ‘Old shacks’ have been council approved for demolitions and replaced by brand new architectural designed houses, duplexes and multiple levels of units.

A rooftop garden with 180 degree ocean views and a swimming pool what deserving grand 2022 celebrations-it’s not impossible here at No. 1 ‘old shack’.

Wake up every morning energised with restful eyes and coffee in bed. Rest awhile longer as you’ll be hypnotised by the dancing sunlights simmering on the blue waters of Moreton Bay.

What’s the order of your day?

For the early birds swim endless laps for fitness or ‘float meditation’ on the calm waters just a few steps from your front door.

Refuelled with fresh sushi or seafood off the trawler from Morgan’s famous Seafood or dash around the corner to the Red for fish and chips. Anything else you crave it’s bound to be available at The Belvedere, Mon Komo and Redcliffe Parade’s multicultural cuisines.

For those who want to catch their own fresh fish or mud crabs, there’s a boat ramp 50 metres down the beach and Woody Point Jetty less than 5 minutes by car. Or, say g’day to Ian the friendly neighbour across the street AKA ‘The Fish God Father’ who’ll show you his secret fishing spot-‘the big one’ did not get away!

In the evening there’s no requirement to slave over the stove, you deserve the most delicious juiciest steak and fine dining at The Sebel Sunny’s Restaurant & Rooftop Bar. Stroll back home on the golden sandy beaches or perhaps you rode your bike there? Whatever the mode of transportation the return journey to your sanctuary is a safe and well lite beach boardwalk.

Daily walks for fitness is never a chore but a lovely choice especially under the stars and full moon…it’s spectacular!

Every Sunday at the local Redcliffe Sunday Market devour yourself the best Vietnamese charcoal cooked chicken Bahn Mi (kid you not) or stock up on quality yet inexpensive fresh Asian greens, fruits and vegetables and quirky little nicks knacks.

But wait there’s more at No. 1 ‘Magic Margate’ there’s jack fruits, mangoes, bananas, dragon fruits and sweet tasty pomelos trees awaiting maturity in the tranquil backyard.

And if you’re lucky the cutest beloved fur baby ‘Ralphie’ will greet you with a nudge nudge on your forehand- a behaviour denoting “I love you” and “where’s my milk”? He will snooze and purrs on your laps for hours!

This is my ‘Magic Margate’ now yours with ‘The Guardians of the House’ to protect you and your family.

Tommy (Vendor/Investor)

Follow your dreams to happiness, it’s the best order of your day. Your call.

Contact Ranal or Jennifer to inspect this property now as it is listed ‘Off Market” marketing only for a limited time