Late in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 18, 1931, Alexander and Elsie Dodwell watched with mounting dismay as a spectacular blaze consumed the timber mill and wharf which adjoined their grand property “Linden” on Moray St.

Unsurprisingly, the mill was never rebuilt…until…

Mr Horace Driver who had just returned from architectural design studies in New York university won the tender to build the now owners, Chris and Ernestine Dixon a home symbolic of a typical Cotswold cottage.

The focal point was a massive chimney, which swept down in brick and stone, and included the front doorway. This focal point is still very much the same and walking upon it is a marvel here in New Farm. Such elegance and grace.

The interior included a stair hall and a paneled silky oak staircase, and the silky oak was carried through in the facings and mantelshelf of the fireplace. I must say this fire place is truly divine especially now coming into winter where you can sit and read and enjoy its warmth.

I loved walking into this home- it’s mostly untouched, raw, original. The smell reminds me of quality, the way homes are meant to be built. With care, dedication and using materials that will outlive it’s caretakers. Silky Oak, brick and Brisbane’s finest stone- Brisbane Tuff!

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